Apple's iOS 7 Patches 80 Vulnerabilities


September 20, 2013 — CSO — Just as Apple patched some 80 vulnerabilities in its mobile operating system this week, a new vulnerability popped up in the latest version of the software, iOS 7. Thevulnerabilities patched by iOS 7 cover a wide array of undesirable behaviors — some of them years old.

“The changes made in iOS 7 aren’t significant from any other software upgrade Apple has introduced,” Cigital Principal Consultant Scott Matsumoto said in an email. “They are doing their job as the platform provider,” he continued. “Platforms inevitably get more secure over time in the field; it’s a natural maturation process that every piece of software goes through.

“Are there still vulnerabilities in iOS?” he said. “Yes. I imagine that there will be a similar list with every release of iOS.”

One apparent vulnerability not addressed in the first release of iOS 7 is a defect uncovered just hours after the software became available Wednesday for downloading by the public.

Ironically, the vulnerability attacks the new lockscreen feature in iOS that’s been praised as a security improvement over past versions of the OS.

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