re/code: Apple Sets Earnings Record for Publicly Traded Companies

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Dawn Chmielewski has a post at re/code about Apple’s record earnings for the last quarter.  Apple made $18 billion dollars, which beat the previous record of $15.9 billion set by Exxon Mobile in 2012.  They also announce they had $178 billion of cash and securities on hand.

The post is here.

Office 2016 Coming Later This Year



IT Pro Portal has an article about the release of Office for Windows 10, 8, and 7, as well as, Mac OS.  The full suite of products is more oriented to the PC that the previous versions, which had been on a 4 year push to optimize them for mobile devices.

The new suite will probably be released on a subscription model.


Evans, Apple Will Soon Confirm Record iPhone 6 Sales


Jonny Evans has a piece over at about Apples coming announcement of record iPhone 6 sales.  The article looks at iPhone sales and at Samsung’s declining sales.  One of the interesting facts is that 51% of new device activations during the week leading up to and including Christmas.


eWeek: Google Ending Its Google Glass Explorer Edition

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eWeek has a piece on Google’s halting of the Google Glass Explorer program.  They report that it is not the end of the program, but it is being pulled from the Google[x] development and research division.  It will become its own division within Google.

The full article is available here.