Relish3D: Solo HDMI Ribbon Cable

From the YouTube page:

This is a tutorial on how to install the Solo HDMI Ribbon Cable on the 3DR Solo.

It is common knowledge that one of the main reasons why videos captured using Solo’s gimbal has significant vibrations. While others have tried ‘rerouting’ the stiff HDMI cable, to ‘shaving-off’ the casing to ‘loosen’ the cable, it remains a challenge to get buttery-smooth cable-cam shots.

At Relish3D, we have been experimenting with various options and finally decided that the only viable solution was to custom design a micro HDMI cable specifically to replace the OEM Solo HDMI cable. (Note that this procedure may void your Solo Warranty.)

Our Solo Ultra Thin Micro HDMI Flat Ribbon Cable is a replacement cable for the Solo’s rigid Micro HDMI cable. This is a 2 x reinforced, ultra thin, ultra flexible Micro HDMI to Micro HDMI cable that is specifically custom designed for Solo. It uses a custom straight Micro HDMI connector for minimal footprint and limited space gimbals. Measuring only 10cm long, it is perfectly fitted to accomodate Solo’s gimbal and body connectors. It comes with our custom printed HDMI connector casing that protects your fragile ribbon-to-connector connector for peace-of-mind installation.

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To view flight test clips for the Solo HDMI Ribbon cable, check this out…

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