Mac: Booting a Mac In Target Mode

Image of Mac's Firewire Target Mode Symbol

If you need to access the hard drive on your Mac but you are having issues with the computer or you want to copy files to a new computer, you can boot your Mac so it acts like an external hard drive.   You will need to use either a Firewire cable or a Thunderbolt cable, depending on the ports you have available on both machines.

To boot in target disc, hold down the “T” key as you boot the Mac.  Your screen should show that the computer has booted into target mode (unless of course your screen is dead).  The target disc hard drive will show up on the other like an external drive.

This can also be done by going to settings and selecting target mode in the Starup Disk area (see image below)

Image of the Start Up Disk Panel on a Mac

Office 2016 Coming Later This Year



IT Pro Portal has an article about the release of Office for Windows 10, 8, and 7, as well as, Mac OS.  The full suite of products is more oriented to the PC that the previous versions, which had been on a 4 year push to optimize them for mobile devices.

The new suite will probably be released on a subscription model.


2 Reasons OSX Mavericks Matter to Educators

Apple last week launched OSX Mavericks, the free and latest version of its desktop operating system. Notably, the tech giant ditched its cat-based naming scheme in favor of one themed after California locations (Mavericks is a well-known surfing spot in Northern California). That’s all fine and good, but what about the new features? More specifically, what does Mavericks bring to education?

It turns out that there are two big features of particular note to educators.

  • iWork and iLife are now free
  • iBooks for iOS and for Macs

Apple To Give Away OS X and iWorks to Mac Users

From Yahoo News:

Apple revealed the surprise offer, available to all users of MacBooks and Mac computers, on Tuesday at the same time as it unveiled a slimmer, faster iPad Air and a new line-up of Macs in time for the holidays.

Its Mac operating system and iWork software suite, which compete with Microsoft’s Excel, Word and other applications, will now be offered free to all users.

By giving away its Mac operating system Apple is taking on Microsoft’s predominant Windows platform, installed on an estimated eight to nine out of 10 of the world’s computers and one of its most profitable cash cows.

“We are turning the industry on its ear, but this is not why we’re doing it,” Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook told media and technology executives at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center.

“We want our customers to have our latest software.”

Full post here.