WSJ: FAA Says Electronic Devices Can Be Used During All Phases of Flights

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has announced a plan to lift restrictions of electronic device usage during certain portions of airline flights.  Under new regulations electronic devices can be used during all phases of flights.  Here is their news alert:

Federal aviation regulators unveiled steps to lift restrictions on fliers’ electronic devices, concluding that tablets, e-readers and other gadgets generally can be used during all phases of flight by the end of this year.

The Federal Aviation Administration’s decision effectively ends years of safety debates over the use of the devices. The FAA said it is providing airlines with guidelines to carry out the new policy.

More information is available here.

Apple Sells 9 Million iPhones Over the First Weekend

Apple reports that it sold 9,000,000 new iPhones over the first weekend of sales and that its revenue should be near the high end of its previous forecast.  This breaks last years new record of 5 million phones.

Apple Press Release

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Android tops 50% of Smartphone Sales in 3Q11

Gartner released smartphone sales for the 3rd quarter of 2011. Overall, smartphone sales were up 42 percent over 3Q2010. When ranked by OS, Android tops the list with a 52.5 percent market share. Symbian and iOS were second and third with 16.9 and 15 perent respectively. The report states that iOS sales were depressed in part due to consumers waiting for release of the iPhone 4S.